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OUR Mobile Cafe

Dedicated Gourmet Traveling Chefs!

My journey began when I was nine years old. I began working at my great aunt and uncle's restaurant serving and mixing their recipes that people enjoyed. It was great to meet and interact with many new faces every day, or to hear their comment to me or their guest how good the meal was. Being a part of that experience was a great feeling.

I wanted to create this moment again and discovered that when my wife and I decided to visit Paris. There is no language barrier when it comes to good food and Paris has no shortage of cafés. The taste of the crepes, outstanding pastries, and the smell of fresh bread and coffee as you walk down narrow streets made it clear; I wanted to be part of this again. I want to add my own unique flair and flavor by offering different items not seen locally or even at all. I enjoy thinking outside the box and creating food and beverages that make people say 'wow'. 

Nearly one year in the construction phase and with lots of support and patience from my amazing wife Esra, I believe I created just that with the Pressed For Time mobile cafe. 

We’ve travels to many places together, gathering great recipe ideas, and special touches we would like to see for this mini cafe. We think you will enjoy what we have to offer.

When I’m not working, it’s great to escape into the outdoors kayaking and hiking with our pup Nazareth, traveling, and visiting friends. I also like to build and dabble with 12 volt electronics, but most nights it’s just nice to end the day hanging out with the wife and a bowl of ice cream and a movie.

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